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As of November, 2021, every participant in IRB clinical trials must be entered into the OnCore CTMS. Please email OCR at if you have questions about OnCore.

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REDCap is a HIPAA compliant, IRB- and GWU Compliance Office approved method of collecting and storing research data, including surveys and case report forms in an online database. There are other features to using REDCap, including audit trails, e-consent tools, the ability to directly export data to statistical packages, and integrating data with other applications such as tableau. 

Online training is currently not mandatory but available if needed to new users. Register for training on the REDCap 101 Online Training Registration page. All new users must complete the REDCap Account Agreement Form. If you need help with REDCap, you can email their support team at or reach out to our REDCap administrator, Bryan Gerald at

The Integrated Research Information Software (iRIS) has three web-based modules which:
  • allow users to initiate and submit research protocols online;
  • automate the workflow for review of protocols by staff and boards such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC); and
  • provide collaborative tools for studies with multiple sites.
Protocol Builder assists investigators with developing quality and consistent research protocols that make internal and IRB review processes more efficient. Protocol Builder offers a wide range of protocol templates that can be utilized by clinical researchers as well as social and behavioral researchers. GW's institutional license provides free access to the GW research community.

The Forte Participant Payments solution is the university’s preferred payment option for research study participants. The solution streamlines the payment of human subject research participants and reduces the administrative burden associated with these transactions.

The Forte Participant Payment solution allows university users (depending on their assigned roles) to do the following:

  • Define the Protocol payment information (the task the participant will complete and the associated payment amount(s))
  • Enroll participants into Forte
  • Assign participants’ Forte accounts to specific studies, and
  • Pay the participant. The participant can choose one of three payment options: a reloadable debit card, an electronic funds transfer to a bank account the participant defines, or a paper check. 

GW users will only be able to access data for studies that are assigned to the individual user.

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