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ACRP Training

GW SMHS makes available online Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) clinical research training at no cost to GW and MFA participants to enhance the quality and safety of our clinical and translational research.

Complete Enhanced Training in Clinical Research: Take one course or complete the recommended training for GW and MFA clinical researchers

Courses are available to GW and MFA faculty and staff working on human subject studies. Courses are online and self-paced.

Please note: If you have a personal ACRP account, do not follow the instructions below. Instead, Contact ACRP Customer Care with a request to be aligned to the Children’s National Hospital ACRP Learning Environment.

To Register for an ACRP account:

  1. Visit the New User Link: You MUST use this link to login. This is the ONLY link that will allow you to create an ACRP account and align with your organization. Failing to use this link will require assistance from ACRP Customer Care.
  2. Enter your Organizational Email: Enter your GWU email address and click the “Search” button.
  3. Register with your Organization: When your organization appears, click the “Register with this Organization” button.
    NOTE: This training is offered through a partnership with Children’s National Hospital so you will need to select them as your organization.
  4. Enter Your Profile Information: Complete the account creation process by entering your demographic information
  5. Click the “My ACRP Learning Environment” Button: Click on the “My ACRP Learning Environment” button to be redirected to the ACRP Learning Environment, where you will access your courses. This is the link you will use to access the ACRP Learning Environment now that you have an account. Bookmark it!
  6. Look for the Logo: Once you are directed to your ACRP Learning Environment dashboard, make sure you are seeing the Children’s National logo in the upper left corner. If you do not see the logo, please Contact ACRP Customer Care.

You can find all these steps, plus additional resources on the linked pdf.

For questions, please contact us at

  • Training is provided at no cost to our teams
  • Recommended courses vary by role on study as coordinators, managers & PIs
  • About 15 hours to complete, or researchers can demonstrate mastery
Phlebotomy Skills Refresher

GWUH PD&E hosts a biweekly phlebotomy skills refresher course. Please contact us at if you are interested in attending a future training. 

EPIC Access for Study Monitors Request Form 

EPIC Access for Study Monitors Request Form

GWUH Appointment Request Form
  1. Research Coordinator completes the GWUH New Patient Information Sheet
  2. Research Coordinator sends completed form to all GWUH and UHS contacts.
  3. GWUH schedules the appointment using the document completed by the Research Coordinator. 
  4. GWUH confirms that it is scheduled. 
  5. UHS marks the patient as a clinical trial patient in their chart and confirms after that is done. 

For more detailed information on the scheduling process, please review the procedures here.