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ClinicalTrials.gov Guidance for PIs

ClinicalTrials.gov Guidance for PIs

ACRP Training

GW SMHS makes available online Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) clinical research training at no cost to GW and MFA participants to enhance the quality and safety of our clinical and translational research.

Complete Enhanced Training in Clinical Research: Take one course or complete the recommended training for GW and MFA clinical researchers

Courses are available to GW and MFA faculty and staff working on human subject studies. Courses are online and self-paced.

To register, visit the ACRP website and enter your GW email address. NOTE: This training is offered through a partnership with Children's National Hospital so you will need to select them as your organization. You will then be able to set up a password and login to your account.

You can access your courses through "My Courses" on your profile or by visiting the ACRP learning portal.

For questions, please contact us at clinicalresearch@mfa.gwu.edu.

  • Training is provided at no cost to our teams
  • Recommended courses vary by role on study as coordinators, managers & PIs
  • About 15 hours to complete, or researchers can demonstrate mastery
Conflict of Interest

Unsure if you have a conflict of interest? Check out the links below for more information.

Office of Research Integrity
Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk